Quiz round 4


The Lindores Abbey Chess Quiz features questions on topics ranging from the history of World Championship matches and other top events, to biographical tidbits about famous players, to chess in popular culture - movies, music, art and literature. Check out the prizes and rules below the form.

To submit your answers, participants need a registered chess24 account.
The quiz starts at 17.00 CEST and participants have until 18.00 CEST to submit their answers.

Three questions will be asked each day, easy, medium, and difficult. Participants have 60 minutes to submit their answers on explore.chess24/quiz After each quiz round, the answers will be tallied. The winners will be announced the next day. 

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Participants earn points for correctly answering the questions  

Easy = 1 point
Medium = 2-3 points
Difficult = 2-5 points

The overall results of each day determine the winner. If multiple participants have the same score, the winner is determined by whoever submits the correct answers first.

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

The three participants with the highest combined score from all four quiz days will receive a top quality chessboard designed by World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov (overall value ca. 3000 EUR).

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Time's up! Winner will be announced shortly.

Those who get the answers right but not in time will be put into a raffle to win daily prizes: 

1. Magnus Course on Chessable 

2. Coaching lesson on CoChess

3. €50 gift certificates for the chess24 store

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